How to Write Your Way Out of a Funk

By | June 20, 2017

The past few weeks I’d been feeling out of sorts after several events in my life didn’t go my way. Wanting to sleep all the time and escape from life. Basically in a funk.

One of the things that helps me when I’m in a funk is writing. I get all my frustration out on paper and find a path through. Writing helps me find my way to my solution.

Here are four ways to write yourself out of a funk:


  1. Free writing – just write whatever comes to mind. Get all that frustration out. You might want to place a time on when you’ll write about the problem, so you don’t become consumed by it and then start writing about solutions.


  1. A list of a hundred – one way to jolt you out of feeling down is to write a list. You could write a list of one hundred reasons you have to be grateful or a hundred things that make your heart sing. It’s ok to repeat items, just keep your pen moving. I have tried this myself and it really does have the power to lift your spirit.


  1. Perspectives –perspectives allow you to glimpse into the future. To use them to get out of a funk, write out what life will be like when you are feeling better. This exercise is great for choosing between options because it helps you visualise what a certain choice will be like. Write about the options you have to get out of the funk and see which one takes your fancy.


  1. Springboards – springboards are statements or questions that allow you to explore a particular topic. You could do a springboard on why am I in this funk? Or I’m in this funk because … Write for five minutes, at the end of the five minutes stop and underline any words or phrases that prove particularly insightful and write for another five minutes on them.

Writing is a useful tool to write yourself out of a funk by providing insights and helping you understand yourself. Which technique will you use to write yourself out of a funk?