Why You Should Reread Your Journals

By | August 10, 2017

The power of journaling isn’t just in the writing of your journals but also in the rereading of them. Recently I was feeling depressed. I have several workshops coming up and had convinced myself they were all going to end in failure.

I reread my journal and noticed that the times I felt good, I had reread my reasons why I would succeed, one of the exercises from my journaling challenge. So I started rereading the list of reasons why I would succeed again and was amazed by the change. I felt a lot more upbeat and confident that I would be a success. I felt so good that I even managed to go out and give out flyers for noticeboards for my upcoming workshop.

Here are three reasons why you should reread your journals:

  1. Rereading your journals allows you to track trend, cycles and patterns in your life. You can use journaling to learn from your mistakes and replicate your successes. This can be particularly useful in business. Also, if you know you are going through a certain pattern, for example, you have a dip in motivation around the middle of the month, journaling can help you clarify what to do about it.


  1. Rereading your journals allows you to see what progress you’ve made and the reality of your situation. Sometimes we think we haven’t made much progress, but when we look back we see that wasn’t true. For example, I thought I was constantly depressed and would have to go to the doctor, but as I looked back on my journal I saw that in actual fact for at least half the time I wasn’t depressed. It’s just while I’m in it, it’s all encompassing. I saw that my problem was actually related to mindset and was able to reread my list of reasons why I would be successful to get myself in a better mindset.


  1. Rereading your journals allows you to remember the good times and that no problem lasts forever. It’s tempting when you are going through a problem to think things will always be that way, but by rereading your journals, you’ll see that you successfully conquered problems in the past and you can do so again.

Rereading your journals can be a rewarding experience. Do you reread your journals?