How to Keep Your Holiday Memories Alive With a Travel Journal

By | May 25, 2017

Last week I was at a spa working on my book about the effects of travel on depression. Holidays are excellent times to work on your journaling. You have the time and space you need to journal. You can even start a travel journal to keep your memories alive.

Journaling about your travels will help you remember them. You can easily forget the details, but by writing them down when they are fresh you’ll remember them on those bleak, grey winter days when you need a boost.

Here are four tips about keeping a travel journal:

  1. Start preparing for your trip by journaling about it. Journal about the practical (like making lists of destinations and exploring why you’d like to go and making lists of what you need to do to prepare) and about how you feel about the trip and what you think it’s going to be like.


  1. Write down the details while they are fresh in your mind. You’re liable to forget important details. Get into the habit of writing every day while you’re away. Writing the details down at the time helps you remember them.


  1. Leave space for photos and other mementos from your trip. They can help jog your memory about what a trip was like.


  1. Write when you get back from the holiday. Writing about your trip after you get back allows you to fully process and learn from the experience.

Do you keep a travel journal?