This October:

Join a small enthusiastic group to accelerate your success through LIVE journaling experiences

Learn proven journaling techniques to work through your problems and eliminate blocks

Do you feel like you may be holding yourself from experiencing the success you’re entitled to? Experience more success in your life, gain the confidence to overcome blocks and learn to trust yourself using the power of journaling.

You can learn journaling techniques to increase your confidence AND have fun doing it.

Worried that you’ll buy this course and not actually DO the journaling?

Not a problem!! Because we journal together for 5 to 12 minute bursts live on the calls.

Why Journal?

The pace of today’s life is fast, we are under constant pressure to be seen as a success. No wonder we sometimes experience crises in confidence. You may have tried journaling before and given up because it failed to capture your attention.

In this program, you’ll learn journaling techniques to suit every mood and problem you might be facing.

Journaling can:

–      Assist with accelerating goal achievement through powerful exploration of the conscious and sub-conscious minds

–      Clarify and prioritise goals and aspirations

–      Act as a tension reliever and a way to release strong emotions

–      Increase time management and organisational skills

–      Access your subconscious and unconscious minds and tap into the vast knowledge stored there

–      Track cycles, patterns and trends in your life

–      Act as a trusted, valued friend

You don’t need to spend hours journaling – most of the techniques I teach can be completed in just five minutes. Journaling needn’t be heavy or boring – the techniques I teach are easy and a lot of fun.

About Me

My name is Carol Brennan and my own journaling journey began 15 years ago following a breakdown. Writing has always been a major part of what I do having previously worked as a note-taker for college students, an English teacher for non-native speakers and as a copywriter.

Today I help women entrepreneurs use journaling techniques to gain confidence so they can achieve their goals. I am a certified Journal to the Self instructor and I am currently training to be a Journal Facilitator.

About This Program

This is a live program, with weekly live workshops run over 12 weeks using Zoom. Calls will take place on Tuesdays at 10 am BST/7 pm AEST. Calls will be recorded if you can’t make it live. There will also be a private Facebook group for you to ask questions, share insights and get feedback.

We start on 3 October 2017.

We will explore 18 different journaling techniques, including:

–      Stream of consciousness writing

–      Captured moments of memories

–      Alpha poems

–      Lists

–      Unsent Letters

This program isn’t theory, we’ll be doing the techniques in 5 to 12 minute bursts live on the calls. If you want to experience journaling in a supportive environment then this program is for you.

To experience accelerated success using fun journaling techniques for only $157, simply click the button below.


Sign-up before the 19th of September and get my 30-day journaling challenge as a FREE bonus. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your access details.

I’m excited to welcome you into the program. Let’s accelerate your success!