How Journaling Can Save You Time

By | November 16, 2017

Journaling saves me hours of time a week, I have no doubt about that. Before I started journaling I used to waste so much time – time that I can now put to good use.

Here’s how journaling can save you time:

  1. It clarifies your goals, so you start the morning knowing exactly what direction you are going in and what you are doing next. Instead of just having a vague idea of what you want to do, you’ll have concrete plans. To use journaling to clarify your goals, begin by sketching out what your priorities are, then define them into one or two goals for the month. At the end of the day review how the day went and then identify you priorities for the following day. I learned this approach from Jo Bendle. It keeps me on target with my goals.


  1. Journaling helps keep you accountable. If you have a goal, write it down in your journal. Journal about your goals so you don’t waste valuable time and energy going off in the wrong direction or procrastinating about achieving them. If you do get off track, you are more likely to be able to course correct quickly if you are journaling.


  1. Journaling helps you brainstorm for projects and keep track of your ideas. Ideas can occur to you at all different times and if you keep track of them it saves losing valuable ideas or having to go over ground that you’ve already covered. Carry a note book in your bag or alternatively use your phone to keep track of your ideas.


  1. Journaling helps you clear your head. Every morning I write three pages in my journal. It helps get rid of everything that’s floating around in my head and helps me sort out what I can change from what I can’t. It helps me take action on what I can change. So I can start the day with a clear head and be more productive.


Journaling can be a valuable time saving device. Does journaling save you time?