How Journaling Can Help You Manifest Your Goals

By | July 5, 2017

Journaling GoalsI was recently talking to my coach about the power of journaling. She was saying that before she had a thriving business she used to consistently journal about how she had a successful business and this helped her create her dream business.

Journaling has the power to make your vision a reality. The more you envision something in your mind, the more you create that reality in your life. The unconscious mind always says yes to whatever picture you create for it. By journaling on a consistent basis, you help build a picture in your mind of the reality you want to create and set the intention for your subconscious to go about creating that reality.

Here’s how to use journaling to manifest your goals:

1. Write down your goals every day. One study found that people who wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to achieve them. That’s a big advantage to be had simply by writing down your goals.

2. Write a vision how you will feel when you achieve your goals. For example, “It’s the 31st of July and I’ve sold ten spots on my online course. I feel fantastic and I truly believe in myself.” I recently wrote down a goal I had that I felt I had no chance of achieving and managed to manifest it – it really works. Even if it doesn’t pan out exactly as you have written in your journal, you are creating good feelings about your goal and more likely to attract the things you are seeking.

3. Acknowledge and celebrate any progress you make towards your goals in your journal. If you don’t acknowledge what you have achieved how will the universe know to send you more blessings?

Journaling can be a powerful and fun way to manifest your goals. What journaling techniques do you use to manifest your goals?