How Journaling Can Help You This Holiday Season

By | November 28, 2017

The holidays are the perfect time to get out your journal. We’re all taking a break from work and with the New Year approaching it’s the perfect time to take some time out and reflect.

So how can journaling help you this holiday season?:

  1. If you want a personalised and cheap gift ideas then write a character sketch or alpha poem for your loved ones. An alpha poem is where you take a word and each letter of the word begins a new line of the poem. I once made a scrapbook for my Granny for Christmas with poems and stories and she said it was one of the best gifts she had ever received.


  1. Take some time out to reflect, especially when relatives are driving you crazy. Your journal is always available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It never gets bored of listening you. It will listen to you swear and rebel without telling you to get a grip. It is quite simply the cheapest form of therapy you can get.


  1. Do captured moments as they happen. Captured moments are journal entries which encapsulate a single moment of time. Capture what is good about this holiday season. Get really detailed and look at sights, sounds and smells. Think about what you are grateful for so when you start to feel a bit down or lonely you can look back on your journal and remember the good times.


  1. Get ready for the New Year. Create a vision of what you would like 2018 to be for you. What work will you do? Where will you be? Who will you be with? How will you feel? Create a plan for the New Year with goals and intentions.


The holidays can be an exciting but stressful time of the year. So arm yourself with your journal to get through the season calmly. How do you use your journal during the holidays?