Are you ready to take your mindset practices to the next level?

Do you work with healing and/or mindset practices, and would like to reap the benefits of this DAILY?

The 30-day journaling challenge is a guided journey within.

This challenge brings together strategic journaling practices daily for 30 days – so that you can maximise your mindset practice. 

Created by Carol Brennan, this challenge will help you explore your mindset and emotions, and how they impact on your business and your life. 

Journaling is a powerful self-care practice that has many applications and benefits, including:
– deeper understanding of self
– better productivity
– building of self-confidence
– shifting limiting beliefs and closed mindset
… and many more.

The true power of mindset work is realised when you are able to self-reflect and explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions on a DAILY BASIS. 

But so many of us struggle to keep up a consistent journaling habit. 

If you’d like to experience the power of journaling every day through this 30-day challenge, click to sign up today.

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What you get:

– 30 emails with 30 journaling activities over 30 days
– delivered directly to your inbox


But more importantly… you will establish a gorgeous daily journaling practice that will help you to continue to up-level your mindset, overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, and create the life and business you’ve always dreamed of.

About Carol

With a background in English teaching and copywriting, Carol is a lover of words and aware of their power. 

Carol’s personal journey through social anxiety and depression and the benefits of journaling for her, have inspired this journaling challenge.

Buy now for just $17