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Journaling Challenge Case Study: Tash Corbin

Today I’m really excited to present the first of three case studies of the journaling challenge.  Our first subject is Tash Corbin. Tash is a business coach and mentor to online female entrepreneurs. She runs a Facebook group called Heart-Centred Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs which has over 26000 members.  How long have you been journaling? I started journaling about 6… Read More »

How Journaling Can Help You This Holiday Season

The holidays are the perfect time to get out your journal. We’re all taking a break from work and with the New Year approaching it’s the perfect time to take some time out and reflect. So how can journaling help you this holiday season?: If you want a personalised and cheap gift ideas then write a character sketch… Read More »

How Journaling Can Save You Time

Journaling saves me hours of time a week, I have no doubt about that. Before I started journaling I used to waste so much time – time that I can now put to good use. Here’s how journaling can save you time: It clarifies your goals, so you start the morning knowing exactly what direction you are going… Read More »

My Adventures with the Morning Pages

About 12 years I ago I discovered the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, a book aimed at reclaiming your creativity. One of the exercises in it was that each morning you write three pages of stream of consciousness writing. The aim behind it was to get out all the things that were blocking you from being creative. I… Read More »

How to Journal Your Way to Your Goals

For the past few months, I’ve been focused on my goal of launching an online and in person journaling course. A big part of getting ready for the launch has involved journaling. Every day I’ve journaled about what it would be like to achieve my goal. Its help me to believe that it is possible and I can… Read More »

Journaling to Maximise Your Mindset Practices

Journaling can maximise the benefits you get from other mindset practices like healing, EFT and mindset coaching. So how do you journal alongside another mindset practice? Before you go into your session, journal about how you are feeling. You might even want to read your journal entry out to your practitioner. Afterwards, reflect on the session and any… Read More »

How Journaling Can Help You Manifest Your Goals

I was recently talking to my coach about the power of journaling. She was saying that before she had a thriving business she used to consistently journal about how she had a successful business and this helped her create her dream business. Journaling has the power to make your vision a reality. The more you envision something in… Read More »