How Journaling Can Help You Manifest Your Goals

I was recently talking to my coach about the power of journaling. She was saying that before she had a thriving business she used to consistently journal about how she had a successful business and this helped her create her dream business. Journaling has the power to make your vision a reality. The more you envision something in… Read More »

How to Write Your Way Out of a Funk

The past few weeks I’d been feeling out of sorts after several events in my life didn’t go my way. Wanting to sleep all the time and escape from life. Basically in a funk. One of the things that helps me when I’m in a funk is writing. I get all my frustration out on paper and find… Read More »

How to Keep Your Holiday Memories Alive With a Travel Journal

Last week I was at a spa working on my book about the effects of travel on depression. Holidays are excellent times to work on your journaling. You have the time and space you need to journal. You can even start a travel journal to keep your memories alive. Journaling about your travels will help you remember them.… Read More »

How Journaling Blows Procrastination Out of the Water

I remember when I was doing creative writing. I had just got into journaling and I was procrastinating about writing my short story until someone suggested just writing about why I didn’t want to write to get me going. It worked! I poured all the reasons why I didn’t want to write onto the paper and it got… Read More »

Why the Best Writers Journal

It’s a familiar story. You sit down to write a blog post and nothing comes. You have no ideas. The proverbial well is dry. You’ve been trying to blog for ages, but somehow you just can’t seem to find your written voice. Your blog posts lack authenticity. It’s no coincidence that the best writers journal. Journaling has long… Read More »