3 Powerful Reasons to Attend a Journaling Workshop

By | January 25, 2018

The most common objection I hear to coming to a journaling workshop is “I can do journaling at home, why should I go to a group?” There are many things that can be done alone, yet people still gather in groups to do them, for example knitting or running.

Find Connection

Recently I was reading a book about the Moonwalk. The Moonwalk is a marathon walk which many women do. It takes place at night and raises money for breast cancer. Participants wear decorated bras.

Why do they do it? After all you can walk on your own and don’t have to get dressed up to do it. Aside from the good cause, they do it for the camaraderie. It’s an experience you can’t get on your own.

The same is true for a journaling workshop. It’s that experience that you get contributing to and being part of a group. Even people who don’t share their work or give feedback benefit from the group experience. It is a safe place to share in a mutual process. People who don’t contribute still benefit from the supportive atmosphere of the group.

Be Held Accountable  

Another reason to attend a journaling workshop is the accountability you get from the group. When we journal on our own it’s all too easy to let days and even months pass without picking up the pen. But when you are part of a journaling workshop, you show up every week and you are more likely to journal in between sessions too.

Learn Something New

A third reason to attend a journaling workshop is exposure to new techniques. You can get in a rut with your journaling, but going to a journaling workshop exposes you to new methods of journaling and you might just find one you really like.

Putting it into Action

Would you like to attend a journaling workshop? Good news – I am holding two free workshops designed to set you up for success in 2018. They are called Prepare to Blast Through Your To-do List.

These workshops use journaling to bring together both your strategy (what you need to do, what’s a priority), AND your mindset (being in the right frame of mind to get it done)… and we do it all live together. 

Spaces are limited so jump in today – register at: 
Monday 5th February at 9 am GMT/7 pm AEST

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I would love to support you to be your MOST effective in 2018.

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